Holiday Yarn Extravaganza

9th – 15th November 2020

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Over 7 days, the iKnit7 shops will offer an advent calendar of 24 woolly prizes, exclusive product launches, free knitty gifts, and discounts on hundreds of products. And that’s not all! Join the treasure hunt, watch dozens of fabulous interviews and features with our favourite designers and dyers, and top it all off with an international knit night complete with a special woolly cocktail at the end.

It’s a way for us not only to be together with the knitters we’ve missed so much, but to have some fun. It’s a way of saying we can get through this, and we’re going to do it our way – with gorgeous yarn and great cocktails!”, explains Milli Abrams.

Anyone can participate in the Holiday Yarn Extravaganza. Simply subscribe to the iKnit7 newsletter to unlock the discount codes, download our special holiday patterns, access free gifts and have a chance of winning our 24 part advent calendar prize worth £350.

Last time around…

I joined in because I wanted to support you guys, and found I got way more from it than I was expecting – the whole thing was JUST WONDERFUL from start to finish.


I can’t thank you enough for this fun, inspiring, heart-warming week.

– Kirsten

I have so enjoyed iKnit7 this week. It’s given me a real boost…It’s been a really brilliant event full of heart and generosity and enthusiasm. It’s been a lovely thing to witness and participate in. Well done to you all!!

– jess



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The iKnit7 Holiday Yarn Extravaganza

It’s all about…


What started as a couple of WhatsApp messages became a couple of Zoom chats and turned into a beautiful, supportive friendship. A lifeline in the midst of impossible times.

Yarn Love

We all LOVE yarn. Really deeply love yarn, all of it and we’re individually and collectively passionate about stocking our shops with brands that we love and care about and care about us back.

with Friends

Collaboration is the name of the game and we love working with other fabulous people in our industry. Check out who we’re working with.

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Iknit 7 is the story of how seven resourceful shopkeepers overcame a pandemic to bring you a unique collaborative yarn experience with ingenuity, style and a touch of sass!

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