Hilja Mitts KAL

If this long, lonely January has left you in the mood for a fun knitting project that you can do with friendly knitters all around the world, we have good news..

iKnit7 is thrilled to announce the launch of our very first Knit-a-long (KAL) in collaboration with knitwear designer and writer, Aleks Byrd.

Aleks’ Estonian inspired Hilja mitts include playful colourwork, new stitch techniques, a little bit of Baltic knitting heritage and of course, some glorious yarn options from all of us.

How do I join in?

Have a look at each of the kit options that we’re offering and choose the one with your preferred yarns and colours. Make sure you place your order in time for your kit to arrive before our Cast On party at 8pm on Friday 19 February.

Your kit will include all the yarn you need to make the mitts, plus a printed version of the pattern and a download code so you can keep it on your phone or tablet too. Needles are not included in the kits so be sure to check whether you need to order them separately.

Knitting Together online

As soon as you order your kit, you can register and join our special Hilja KAL Facebook Group. Aleks and the rest of the iKnit7 team will all be there too, as well as all the other knitters in the KAL. You can share pictures of your progress, ask for advice and see how everyone else is getting on. We’ll all be on hand to answer your questions and help out whenever you need that.

As well all the usual KAL chat and support, Aleks will also be doing a Facebook Live video on Monday February 22nd to explain more about the intriguing Roosimine technique that she’s used for the beautiful motif on the mitts.

Grand Finale Knit Night

As a registered Hilja KAL-er, you’ll be invited to round off the KAL with a celebration of everyone’s mitts at our Hilja Mitts virtual Knit-Night on Friday 5th March, complete with Estonian cocktails, and a Get Your Mitts Out photo special.

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