Zero to Knit

“This isn’t just about teaching the basics, it’s about nurturing the confidence and excitement knitters need to take their knitting on their own new woolly adventures.”

— Anna, Wild and Woolly

Zero to Knit

‘Wrap the yarn around, pull the loop through, and slip it off the needle.’

This mantra has been repeated around the world and handed down across generations as knitters pass on their knitting skills to new knitters.

But how can we continue to pass on those skills in these times of social distancing?

Well, thanks to the collective wisdom of 7 wool shop keepers, and a celebrated knitwear designer and teacher, we’ve made a plan! Each of our shops is offering the Stolen Stitches Zero to Knit course, a set of video tutorials designed and delivered by Carol Feller.

This course takes beginner knitters step by step on a learning journey which includes a comprehensive grounding in types of yarn, stitch technique and knitty jargon. Instructions are given on how to make first a pouch, then a hat and onto a cardigan with all the beautifully presented wool, needles and notions shipped direct to your door.

What Our Customers are Saying

Barbara W.

“I’ve dabbled with knitting before, but was always just trying random projects without really understanding the importance of things like needle size and gauge. I’m so much more confident in my knitting skills after taking this course.”

Lisa C.

“This online knitting class is fabulous..! It’s very well laid out and the explanations are terrific.”

Priya G.

Loved this collaborative course. It was so clear, easy to follow and fun. I’ve knitted before but there was a lot I didn’t know. Just ten minutes here and there – I’ve really enjoyed the me-time. Thank you all for putting together such a professional package. It is great value for money.

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